Welcome to Giles Gardens . Simon Giles takes pride in providing you with a garden you’ll enjoy.  A wonderful garden is like adding a new room to complete your home. Giles Gardens provides top quality service. We are a first choice for landscaping, irrigation, garden design and maintenance.  Our demand for professionalism and service excellence from our staff is unwavering.

Giles Gardens designs to suit your needs, be it a tranquil Zen garden, formal or indigenous type garden.  We welcome customer participation at all stages, adding to the enjoyable experience of your garden makeover. Our scope of work includes designing private gardens, landscaping for corporate clients and marinating the landscaping in townhouse complexes.

Browse the website and see photos of some of the work we’ve done. Contact us and we’ll happily make an appointment to come and give you a free quote. Simon Giles is beyond enthusiastic about landscaping and will keep an open mind about what you require.